The war for talent

I am still amazed as to how many organisations require motivational letters. Here in The Netherlands, I’d say it is still pretty much the rule – even for temporary, part time jobs.  Amazing, right? But honestly – who would not be able to draw essential conclusions from an application where the candidate has researched the role/potential… Continue reading The war for talent

Doubling sourcing recruiters’productivity

In the short time span from January 2015 til August 2015 we have more than doubled our recruiters’ productivity. From 0.8 placement/week to 1.8. Per person. The two most important factors in this remarkable change were SOURCING LABS (introduced actually in 2014) QUALITY CHECKS SOURCING LABS I am sure many of you will agree with… Continue reading Doubling sourcing recruiters’productivity

Batman vs. Superman

aka why you need to combine SOURCING WITH RECRUITMENT Originally I tried to write an article about what happens when you separate them, but my brain just protested approaching the issue from that angle. It does not make sense. Instead, I am going to evangelize (#1) about why you should. I am sure you guys… Continue reading Batman vs. Superman

Starters and Boolean

Recently I have seen a few posts and articles about how using keyword search (Boolean if you will) makes it almost impossible for starters to be found by recruiters. Then the other day, my awesome colleague Britt van Capelleveen told me about this belief within the candidate community. They are not found because us, recruiters are looking for… Continue reading Starters and Boolean

All I want for Christmas…

… is for hiring managers to answer the following questions. Every time I work on a role for them. Why? Because hiring success relies on them just as much as on my skills. Wait, what? Indeed, I am suggesting that clients are equally responsible for unsuccessful/frustratingly long hiring processes, together with the resident “necessary evil”,… Continue reading All I want for Christmas…

How to help your recruiters move forward? – A short case study

Ever since I started sourcing for “agile” IT professionals in London, I have been fascinated by related methodologies. I was knee deep in figuring out what acronyms like ATDD, TDD, XP meant and looked like in practice, how agile, scrum, kanban, etc. were perceived, understood and brought to life by different people. It was like discovering… Continue reading How to help your recruiters move forward? – A short case study