All I want for Christmas…

… is for hiring managers to answer the following questions. Every time I work on a role for them. Why? Because hiring success relies on them just as much as on my skills. Wait, what?

Indeed, I am suggesting that clients are equally responsible for unsuccessful/frustratingly long hiring processes, together with the resident “necessary evil”, the recruiters.

There are voices out there already, people like Mitch Sullivan (please read his blog) who recognise this and talk about it. Is it a touchy subject? Of course. Does it make it less true? Hell no.

Find you some candidates

We live in a world where clients have the luxury (?) to choose whoever they want to work with, given the ridiculous abundance of RPO, third party, agency recruitment providers. Oh, you noticed the question mark there? Good for you. Because my point is exactly that. Is it a luxury? Yes. Do they use their situation to their advantage? Hell no. Most of the times, anyways.

Ostriches burying their heads in the sand.  I mean, clients, burying their heads in the sand. Issuing a generic job spec, racing several suppliers to fill the role. Only caring for spending time on viewing relevant CVs. I think this is what they try to do, at least. But in the real world they generate a lot of time wasted all round. Care for more elaboration? Check this. Everyone is familiar with the following meme, describing the clients’ AND recruiters’ biggest headache. I for one, am done with headaches. I will avoid wasting my time on work that I have no chance at successfully closing.


The ever lasting ping-pong (table tennis, if you will) of the hiring process.

Recruiters don’t know what to look for exactly, clients are frustrated by the quality of candidates received. I am sure by now you figured it out: without the client actually spending time on explaining their needs there is no recruiter who can deliver what they are looking for. No-one is that lucky. Not to mention other issues: commitment, exclusivity, background of the role – just a few.

So, here is my list of questions I’d like answered before I decide whether I am going to work on a role, in no particular order.


  1. Why is the job open?
  2. Since when has it been open?
  3. Have you finished scanning your internal candidates?
  4. Why have you declined candidates you already interviewed? What was missing?
  5. How does the application process look like? How many interviews? Who is leading those interviews?
  6. For when have you scheduled the first rounds of interviews?
  7. Can you grant me exclusivity? If not –
  8.  How many other suppliers are/have been working on the role?
  9. Are you open to accept CVs from anyone? Do you work with an exclusive supplier list?


  1. Explain the role and the ideal candidate’s daily responsibilities/tasks
  2. Salary limitations (genuine numbers, none of the “with a bit of a push” or “depends on experience” bullshit)
  3. Benefits, holidays, travel expenses, commission, car, phone, etc.
  4. Education, if particular study is requested – why is it important? Can it be substituted by experience?
  5. Years of experience – why is it necessary
  6. Skills (language, software, hardware, certifications, etc.) – and why are they necessary
  7. List of skills that are most important to successfully carry out the position
  8. Are you open to teach some of the skills on the job? If so, which?
  9. Training programme(s) offered by the company
  10. Soft skills – how are they going to help the candidate in their everyday work?
  11. Team structure and atmosphere
  12. Management style (in practice, not in theory)
  13. Realistic career development within the company

You see, this is a wishlist. But I hope one day we will get to a point when this will be the norm.

I know, I know. A girl can dream though!

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*Do you have other awesome questions? Please share!


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