Starters and Boolean

Recently I have seen a few posts and articles about how using keyword search (Boolean if you will) makes it almost impossible for starters to be found by recruiters. Then the other day, my awesome colleague Britt van Capelleveen told me about this belief within the candidate community. They are not found because us, recruiters are looking for… Continue reading Starters and Boolean

The first one – for the ones on the look

Profile yourself, before I do! Oh, who am I, you ask? I am Zsuzsa Szabo, currently working as Project Manager/Sourcing Expert for Randstad Nederland. I basically made a career out of googling/stalking people, offering them new positions. I also possess an awesome book called “Raising Unicorns – Your step-by-step guide to starting and running a… Continue reading The first one – for the ones on the look